167 | Why You DON’T Want Money with Andrew Gardella


Andrew Gardella is chiropractor who has worked as an Access Consciousness facilitator since 2011. He graduated from school Magna Cum Lade with BAs in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science and then received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Along with various chiropractic techniques, Dr Andrew also studied BodyTalk and is a certified practitioner. Since he was young, he has bought items from flea markets and sold them to generate more income, and this has evolved into buying and selling antiques alongside his Access Consciousness work. He realized some years ago that whether you have money or not is a choice, and since discovering this, has never looked back financially. He is now a certified Right Riches for You facilitator, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. He loves teaching others how they can make the choice to be in a better financial situation too.

In This Episode, Andrew Reveals …

  • What Right Riches are, and why you DON’T want money.
  • What’s really stopping us from being wealthy, how to uncover limiting beliefs, and what you can do to overcome them.
  • That financial insecurity is really about the fear of financial insecurity, and Andrew reveals some strategies for working through it.
  • How to manifest what we truly desire in our lives, how to discover possibilities that we’re not seeing, and open ourselves up to the many possibilities for the Universe to deliver it.

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