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Caveau co-founder and CEO, Brian Dass, is a highly accomplished travel executive and entrepreneur widely recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the hospitality e-commerce and digital reservation industry. In his more than 20-year career, Brian has launched multiple online hospitality technology and marketing firms including Timeless Hospitality (acquired by TravelClick) and Open Hospitality (acquired by Pegasus Solutions). With Caveau, Brian is calling on his extensive experience and technical expertise to deliver cost-effective, customizable solutions to help travel businesses meet the challenges of PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance.

About Caveau:
Caveau is the fast, easy and affordable way to protect personal data, card-not-present purchases and bookings by eliminating the need to manually handle information through voice, email and faxes. Our comprehensive software platform helps maintain PCI-DSS compliance and reduces risks associated with GDPR. Caveau will lock down the security of your client data and financial transactions and protect your reputation, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

In This Episode, Brian Reveals …

  • What GDPR is, what it means to you as a citizen – good and bad, and the things that hoteliers need to worry about.
  • What to do if you determine you’ve been compromised, including first determining what type of data were included, how much data, how sensitive that data is, and some best practices around timely notification of a breach.
  • The kinds of fines can you expect if you’ve been compromised, who is responsible, and some of the other consequences, e.g. your reputation, at risk.
  • Some of the typical non-GDPR compliant mistakes hotel professionals make, and Brian gives some examples of what a modern/secure transaction look like.

Brian and his team prepared a free download for the listeners: Getting a Grip on GDPR … Before It’s Too Late.”

This informative document includes What You Need to Know About GDPR, 7 Fundamental Principles of Safe Processing of Personal Data, and Managing and Maintaining GDPR With Caveau.

Download the FREE Caveau Guide

Getting a Grip on GDPR … Before It’s Too Late.

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