175 | Show Me That You Know Me with Phil Rubin


A die-hard Saints fan, Phil knows a thing or two about loyalty. Over the course of his over 25-year career, he’s blended his education, experience and innovation to evolve the way businesses identify, retain and expand the value of their best customers. An impeccable leader with passion to spare, Phil founded the loyalty practice at Loyaltyworks, and led the spin-off and formation of rDialogue. Before all that, he was Group VP and General Manager at The Lacek Group—the loyalty marketing firm that is now a part of OgilvyOne.

Through the years, some of the world’s smartest companies including Delta Air Lines, American Express, Nike, Nordstrom, Citigroup, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Cox Communications, Macy’s, Sprint and Brooks Brothers have sought Phil’s expertise and it’s no surprise why. He’s fiercely loyal to his craft, his clients, and his teams (both rDialogue & the Saints) and he’s managed to build a team of high-caliber marketers who share his integrity and dedication.

In This Episode, Phil Reveals …

  • Why loyalty programs came about, and their evolution over the last 25+ years.
  • What’s unique about Hospitality loyalty programs that requires a different approach than other industries and categories, and Phil gives examples of brands that are getting it right.
  • What loyalty marketing is, and going beyond the transactional data to create an experience that resonates with the guest on an emotional level.
  • Where small chains and independents fit in, and some of the opportunities and advantages they have over big brands.
  • How consolidation could ultimately impact the guest experience.

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