176 | Make Smarter Pricing and Distribution Decisions with Gino Engels


Gino Engels is co-founder and CCO of OTA Insight, where he leads the delivery and continued development of OTA Insight’s dashboard and reporting capabilities to enable hoteliers to support a profitable revenue and distribution strategy. Gino’s customer-focused objective is to deliver affordable revenue tools to hotels and continuously develop new solutions to help those in the hospitality sector overcome technological barriers.

Gino regularly contributes his expert knowledge on the hospitality sector to articles on current trending topics for publications including The Washington Post and also frequently speaks at industry events across the globe such as the SmartGuest Analytics and Best Western International Revenue Conferences in the US, HSMAI and Revenue Forums across Europe and Fastbooking Digital Labs across Asia.

In This Episode, Gino Reveals …

  • What rate parity is, and why it’s important for hoteliers to know about it.
  • How parity can become an issue for hoteliers, the consequences for being out of parity, and who is impacted more; major hotel chains or independents.
  • What rate loss issues are, and Gino shares some stats that might surprise you.
  • Some steps that you can take to combat these issues so you can make smarter pricing and distribution decisions.

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