183 | The Business Case for Improving Employee Engagement with Julia Felton


Julia Felton is the Founder of Business HorsePower, which delivers leadership and team development to CEO’s, entrepreneurs and executives.

Julia is a veteran of the hospitality industry having been the creator the HotelBenchmark Survey which provided the lodging industry with monthly statistics on its performance. She took that business from an idea on a piece of paper to the global market leader providing data to hoteliers in all regions across the world, apart from North America. In 2008 that business was sold to STR and became STR Global.

Julia holds a degree in Hospitality Management and has also worked in a variety of luxury five star hotels across the world. She is an international speaker and a best-selling author.

In This Episode, Julia Reveals …

  • The business case for organizational alignment through improving team engagement.
  • Why employee engagement is becoming so important right now, the percentage of the workforce that are not engaged, and what that means to your bottom line.
  • Some of the common myths around employee engagement.
  • The key elements of an engaged organization – what that looks like – and the benefits of having a highly engaged workforce.

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