186 | Strategic, Data-Driven Interior Design with Liat Siegel


Liat Siegel is Owner/Founder of Hadar Interiors Inc., a fearless mother of 5 and a trailblazing entrepreneur. She works with businesses to brand their interiors and set themselves apart from the competition. Liat uses interior design to revitalize a space and modernize it for the digital age.

In This Episode, Liat Reveals …

  • The power of strategic, data-driven design, and Liat reveals her ROED Method – Return on Emotional Design – what it is, and why it’s important.
  • The first step hoteliers should take for those about to do a renovation or a facelift on their property.
  • What you stand to gain if you invest in strategic interior design services versus the traditional methods, and what you stand to lose if you don’t make that investment.
  • What she thinks will be the next big trend.

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