187 | Creative, Flexible and Durable Design with Belinda and David


Belinda O’Kelly brings a decade of experience, a comprehensive skill set and dedicated design focus to O’Kelly + Kasprak. She is a licensed architect in Illinois, as well as a LEED accredited professional with a specialty in building design and construction.

David Kasprak has been leading the highest quality restaurant, hotel, and retail design teams for decades, and he’s known for designs that are not only award winning, but that also work functionally and are not cost prohibitive.

David holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in architecture, is self-certified for the City of Chicago, and is also a LEED accredited professional.

In This Episode, Belinda and David Reveal …

  • The biggest things often overlooked from a design perspective, including creativity, flexibility and durability.
  • The biggest trends they’re seeing in hotel design now, including tech, textures, authenticity and local focus.
  • Some game changers in the industry – what is really innovating the hotel game – again, including tech, social media, and data-driven design.
  • The biggest challenges in the design field right now.

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Belinda O’Kelly

  • Email: belinda@okellykasprak.com
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David Kasprak

  • Email: david@okellykasprak.com
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