190 | Responsible Luxury and Sustainability with Franck Droin


Franck Droin is the hotel manager at The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, and his 19 years of hospitality industry experience includes working with big brand hotel chains across various destinations in Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Franck is passionate about promoting the concept of responsible luxury and has fueled ground-breaking conversations and initiatives. Some of the successful projects he is leading with his team include giving back to local communities, and ending the plastic waste catastrophe that the country is facing.

Franck believes education, technology and the right mentorship is what luxury brands need to reduce waste, become eco-friendly, and to empower employees to create a more sustainable future.

In This Episode, Franck reveals …

  • What terms like responsible luxury, sustainable luxury and sustainable tourism mean, and the business case for why they’re important.
  • How hotels can combine luxury and sustainability without compromising on quality or value from the guest’s perspective, as well as their profitability.
  • What to do when implementing sustainability programs, including how to get everyone’s “buy-in.”
  • Why giving back to local communities is important, and how to go about getting started.

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