194 | How to Handle a Digital Crisis with Mike Gelfond


Mike Gelfond has more than two decades of expertise in digital marketing and advertising, with careers at iXL, Creative Digital Group, LBi and Mastermind. An expert in social media, digital strategy, mobile, ecommerce, reputation/crisis management, analytics, CRM and lead generation with key industry verticals.

Mike is a graduate of the University of Georgia, a frequent speaker and contributor to TV, radio and print, and a recipient of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 40 Under 40 award in 2010.

In This Episode, Mike reveals …

  • How to plan for and handle a digital crisis, including some scenarios (good and bad) brands need to be prepared to face on a daily basis, and which action to take when a crisis hits.
  • The difference in strategy for the inevitable and sometimes daily online detractors, and a more significant crisis on social media.
  • The most important social media channels for the hospitality industry, and whether there are any that should be monitored more closely.
  • Best practices for protecting against and responding to an information privacy crisis.

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