197 | Loyalty Program Fraud Awareness and Prevention with Josh Galun


Josh Galun is the Hospitality & Travel Lead at Excella in Washington, D.C. He’s has been at Excella for over 8 years and most recently joined the Excella Leadership Team in 2018. Josh has wide-ranging experience in project management, custom software development, process definition, IT security, data warehousing, and digital analytics. He currently focuses on the Hospitality and Travel sector, and leads teams at multiple industry clients. Josh also organizes the DC Hospitality Tech Meetup and is co-chair of the HEDNA Hotel Analytics Working Group.

In This Episode, Josh reveals …

  • The various types of loyalty fraud, how they apply to the hospitality industry, and whether the trend is getting any better.
  • The impact of loyalty fraud; on the brands, travelers and property owners.
  • How the hospitality industry is doing at preventing loyalty program fraud, which industries are doing it better that we can learn from, and why AI is well suited to help solve the problem.
  • What hoteliers can do at the property level to spot and prevent loyalty program fraud.

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