206 | The Business of Immigration: Family migration to U.S. under threat


The federal government’s efforts to curb family migration to America is a key concern for many foreign-born residents in the U.S. and their children, including the Indian American community, which has used the method over the past 50 years to grow into an economic powerhouse of business owners, including their domination of the hotel industry.

In this episode, Judy Maxwell, co-host of Lodging Leaders, takes a look at immigration trends in the U.S. and proposed changes to federal law that would dramatically alter the way legal immigrants have been able to bring members of their families to America and to build businesses.

You’ll hear from …

  • Suraj Patel, a political activist and the son of a hotelier
  • Jyoti Sarolia, an active AAHOA member and a third-generation hotelier who founded a company that pays homage to her family’s immigration history
  • Andrew Lim of New American Economy, which tracks immigrants’ contributions to the U.S. economy and business landscape
  • Chris Mumford from Aethos Consulting Group on the impact of immigrants in the workforce.

We also take a look at …

  • Current immigration trends and regulatory initiatives championed by President Trump to decrease the flow of migrants to America.
  • Immigration-reform proposals introduced to Congress over the past two years.
  • And, we ask AAHOA where it stands in the debate over immigration reform.

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