210 | Black-Owned Hotels: NABHOOD opens doors to opportunity


African American travel is a $63 billion industry.

That’s how much black leisure travelers generated for the U.S. travel and tourism economy in 2018, reports Mandala Research.

The December report is a follow-up to Mandala Research’s 2010 study on the same topic. The new information shows a $25 billion increase in travel spend by African Americans in the U.S. in less than a decade.

The researcher surveyed 1,700 African Americans and learned the majority travel for cultural enrichment, including heritage tours.

African Americans also frequently travel to attend family reunions in destination markets.

Understanding the dynamic of this travel demographic is key for those whose goal is to recruit more African Americans to invest in the U.S. hospitality industry, a $2.5 trillion sector.

Spotlighting business and career opportunities in the hotel industry is the sole focus of the National Association of Black Hotel Owners Operators and Developers or NABHOOD.

Lodging Leaders talks with Andy Ingraham, founder, president and CEO of NABHOOD about their upcoming conference, as well as the association’s goal to grow the level of investment by African Americans in the hospitality industry.

Resources and Links

  • Andy Ingraham on LinkedIn
  • For information about NABHOOD and its upcoming conference July 24-26 in Miami, click here.
  • For information about the International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Network and its summit that immediately follows NABHOOD’s event in Miami, click here.
  • In addition, the Latino Hotel Association’s convention takes place earlier that week in Miami. For information, click here.
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