212 | Can We Talk? Why women don’t negotiate


This episode of Lodging Leaders explores why women in business often don’t negotiate and why they don’t win at the negotiating table as often as their male counterparts.

We identify some fundamental stumbling blocks and barriers to women’s ability to get what they want. And we offer experts’ advice on how to craft a negotiation strategy that works.

We talk to Nancy Medoff, a former leader in sales and marketing at Marriott International, and now founder of AthenaWise Strategic Solutions, a sales and marketing consulting firm. She is also on the faculty at the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University.

We hear from Denise Reyes, a doctoral student at Rice University in Houston, who studies industrial and organizational psychology; and from Taylor Peyton, founder of Valencore Consulting. She is a professor at Boston University’s hospitality school, teaching leadership, organizational behavior and human resources.

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