215 | Hotel Crime: How to manage a high-profile case


When a hotel becomes a crime scene, there is little an owner or manager can do to ward off publicity.

But a hotel can recover from a crisis and save its image if it has a plan in place to deal with the aftermath of a high-profile incident.

Hotel crime has escalated around the world, and the U.S. is no exception.

Some U.S. hotels have been indelibly marked by crime. No matter if the hotel redesigns or even closes, the site is known forever for the high-profile incident.

In a few cases, owners have embraced the notoriety and actually made it work for their business.

In this episode we talk to Nancy Patel, who acquired a Texas hotel without knowing its infamy.

We also talk to Chris Daly, a hospitality PR expert who specializes in crisis communication, and with hotelier Imesh Vaidya who has been a spokesman for his city’s lodging community in the aftermath of hotel-related crimes.

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