218 | Yes, Girls Allowed: More women venturing into hotel investment


Who invests money better, men or women?

Fidelity Investments found surprising answers to that question when it surveyed nearly 3,000 people. The group was almost evenly divided between the sexes. Yet only a tenth of women said their investments would outperform men’s.

Meantime, a separate analysis by Fidelity shows women consistently generated larger returns on their investments with the company.

And yet another Fidelity study reveals just a third of women surveyed see themselves as investors and barely one quarter of them say they are comfortable with their knowledge about investing.

Why DO women lack confidence in their ability to make wise investments?

The BIGGEST reason is because women are uninformed, and the reason women are uninformed is because they lack access to opportunities. Specifically, women don’t know how to meet the people and institutions that offer investment options beyond traditional savings methods. That is especially true in commercial real estate investment, and even more real in hotel investment.

In today’s episode, we focus on women steeped in hotel investment and talk about how they are changing the dynamic in favor of female investors. These women are committed to helping women build wealth through hotel ownership.

Featured are Mary Beth Cutshall, who recently founded Amara Capital, a women-only hotel investment platform; Talene Staab, global head of Tru by Hilton and founder of a new women’s advisory council; and Tracy Prigmore, founder of TLTsolutions, which is dedicated to educating women in the basics of real investment and teaching them how to steadily accumulate wealth.

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