238 | Reaching the Finish Line: Hotel construction companies hurdle project barriers


STR recently reported the hotel construction pipeline for the U.S. was up 5.5 percent in October. It was the lowest year-over-year increase in lodging construction activity in six months.

Despite the slowdown, construction companies say they are as busy as ever. However, they do anticipate a leveling off of new builds over the next couple years.

In this episode of Lodging Leaders, we talk to specialists in hotel construction to find out what they think is causing the muted growth. They share industry challenges and outlooks and discuss emerging trends such as Design-Build that help get hotels up and open in time and on budget.

Featured in today’s report are Bill Wilhelm, president of R.D. Olson Construction in California; Dale White Sr. and Stephanie Hall of D.A.G. Construction Co. in Ohio; and Brent Reid, CEO of Winter Construction in Georgia.

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