245 | Win-Win: Women of AAHOA step up to the leadership plate


This is the second of a two-part update about people, campaigns and programs that are furthering the mission to promote more women into leadership roles in the hospitality industry.

In this episode we touch base with Jagruti Panwala and Rachel Humphrey who are in top leadership roles at AAHOA, the world’s largest hotel owners association with more than 19,000 members.

Panwala is chair of AAHOA and Humphrey is the COO and VP of franchise relations who just finished a year of serving as interim president and CEO of the association.

For the first time in AAHOA’s 30-year history, the association was led by women.

We talk to Panwala and Humphrey about how they view their experiences, what it was like to work together and how they applied their female perspectives to significantly move the needle on challenges facing the hotel industry, including the issue of human trafficking.

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