247 | Artistic Moments: Art can paint your hotel’s story


Americans for the Arts’ public-opinion survey in 2018 found citizens value the arts and believe it benefits the community and its businesses.

In the U.S. hospitality sector, art is becoming more mainstream as hotels integrate different artistic mediums into design and décor as well as guest programs.

In this episode of Lodging Leaders, we explore how hotels use art to set themselves apart from the competition and attract guests who would not have otherwise stayed at the hotel.

Along with the business perspective, hotel owners and managers also promote non-traditional art concepts and support artists whose works enrich the lives of guests and locals.

We talk to Jean-Luc Laramie, general manager of the Hotel Chicago West Loop, which integrated art into its renovation plans in unique ways; Asend, the muralist who plans to create a work on the exterior of the hotel; and Terry Eaton of Eaton Fine Art in Austin, Texas, who creates and curates art programs for hotels of all sizes all over the world.

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