250 | Cold Calls or Warm Greetings: How to meet people and build a network


Do you love to mingle and meet new people or would you rather sit home and watch paint dry than subject yourself to a crowd of strangers?

Today’s hospitality environment practically demands you attend conferences and other people-focused events if you’re going to be successful in business. But how do you:

  • Make events work in your favor?
  • Avoid squandering the expense of attending a conference by leveraging relationships?
  • Know where to go beyond events to build your network?

In Episode 250 of Lodging Leaders, we talk to several people adept at not only networking but also building a network of mentors and trusted peers you can turn to throughout your career, no matter where you are on the leadership rung.

Though our guests are female, their advice is a must-hear for men, too.

Featured are Joya Dass, a TV news anchor in New York City and founder of LadyDrinks, a networking enterprise for business women; Patrina King of Atlanta, a human resources professional, award-winning golfer and founder of Golf Women Mean Business; and Rebecca Maxwell of New York City, co-founder of Asentiv who coaches entrepreneurs on how to build a network of trusted friends and advisers.

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