254 | High Cancellations and Low Demand: Hotel pricing in a steep downturn


The U.S. hotel industry is undergoing an unprecedented experience as the new coronavirus or COVID-19 grows more and more real every day.

Long Live Lodging and its Lodging Leaders podcast has decided to put a temporary hold on its usual programing from one report a week and move to providing updates throughout the week with short reports focused on specific issues impacting the hotel business.

In this episode we explore pricing in a sudden and steep downturn.

We interview Lily Mockerman, founder and CEO of Total Customized Revenue Management of Phoenix, Arizona, and Susan Barry, founder and president of Hive Marketing of Atlanta, Georgia, on how hotels can effectively manage rate to mitigate the loss of revenue from cancelations as well as attract business from people who still need to travel or from those who choose to travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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