263 | Risk Adjustment: Hotel tech platforms face their own COVID-19 crisis


Last week, Zoom, a video-conferencing program, was prime bait for hackers who infiltrated conversations taking place among people working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

As if Zoom bombers weren’t bad enough, a day or two later, the internet-based program crashed because it could not handle the surge of users from businesses, schools and friends and families eager for face time.

Today, Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan is promising stronger security measures, but the fiasco is a stark reminder of how easy it is for bad actors to access public internet programs, especially those being operated by people unfamiliar with cyber security protocols.

In this episode, a continuation of Lodging Leaders special report on how the coronavirus crisis is impacting the hotel industry, we explore how the outbreak is revealing weaknesses in business technology platforms and what hotel owners and operators can do to head problems off at the pass.

We also look at how some technology providers are expanding their solutions to meet the fast-changing needs of hotel operations as well as those of essential guests traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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