267 | Comeback Opportunity: LodgingStream digital conference looks toward a post-COVID-19 future


This episode features sound bites from previous podcast reports covering the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the hospitality industry.

The voices belong to Lily Mockerman, Dave Shah, Darshan Patel, Andressa Chapman, Jamie Lane and Ron Mitchell. They have all been featured in our special news project that’s focused on the crisis.

So far, we’ve produced 13 podcast episodes exploring different facets of the industry as it navigates the pandemic’s economic challenges.

Until President Trump declared COVID-19 a national emergency on March 13, Lodging Leaders was producing one news podcast a week. On March 16, we began to produce three reports a week during this unprecedented time.

We’ve gone back to one report a week for the time being, but depending on how it goes that may change. We’ll let you know if it does.

The big reason we’ve returned to our once-a-week programming is because it’s been all hands on deck here for another very big project.

My partners and I at Long Live Lodging, producer of Lodging Leaders, have been crazy busy organizing the online conference called LodgingStream: A Brave New World.

Because of your great response to our expanded programming, we wanted to put this event together and bring a lot of advice and thought leadership under one roof, so to speak.

LodgingStream will take place live at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday, April 30th.

The event platform allows attendees to go in and out of a panel discussion just like at a real conference.

LodgingStream: A Brave New World will open with State of the Industry presentations by economist Jamie Lane of CBRE Hotels Americas Research, who will look at where the hospitality business is today and where it’s headed; and Daniel Lesser of LW Hospitality Advisors, an expert in hotel transactions and other investment activity who also will provide his futuristic view.

We’ll then give the floor to hotel owners, operators and others in a session called What’s Your Story?

While interviewing folks for our special coronavirus reports, we have heard some interesting and amazing stories from professionals on the front lines of the industry. By listening to their stories, I was reminded of how the true spirit of hospitality shines bright in our darkest moments. I think you’ll be inspired.

For the rest of the LodgingStream conference, you’ll be able to attend three concurrent workshops and ask panelists questions. Of the 12 sessions, topics will include managing rate to attract business, marketing to regain travelers’ trust, rehiring challenges, what the new workplace will look like and what it’s going to take to bring the industry back.

Everyone you heard in the beginning of this podcast will be among the panelists.

As the conference wraps up you’ll be able to attend a virtual Happy Hour, sharing a little bit about you while making meaningful connections.

I am so excited about this event. I’ve never been a part of anything like it. Just like many of you during this time in which we find ourselves, I’ve decided to tackle new things. It’s never too late to change your mindset.

Please join us at 1 PM eastern daylight time Thursday at LodgingStream: A Brave New World.

Registration is just $5, which covers our cost to bring you the conference.

Click here to sign up or for more information.

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