268 | Peaks and Valleys: COVID-19 crisis cuts hotel values and creates opportunity


Suzanne Mellen, senior managing director and practice leader at HVS, has been in the hotel valuation business for 40 years. She’s witnessed a lot of ups and downs.

She’s also noticed how investors are eager to talk about their hotel’s market value during the good times but reluctant to face the truth in a downturn.

Mellen and her colleagues recently released a report that shows a decrease in hotel market values across the U.S.

No surprise there, given the negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis on industry performance. But this is also a time when opportunistic buyers will step up and actually aid in the industry’s post-crisis recovery.

Lodging Leaders talks to Mellen and others regarding who the winners and losers may be in hotel investment as the crisis begins to ease. This episode is part of our ongoing special coverage of the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the hospitality industry.

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