The earliest inns were established several centuries ago and were places of rest and rejuvenation as some of the world’s greatest leaders, poets, warriors, philosophers, scholars, and thinkers ventured on personal, often dangerous quests that shaped much of our world today.

Hospitality’s cause was humble and human — to provide a meager bed and peace of mind as one continued the journey. Often, a fear of being cursed by the gods drove the need to be hospitable to strangers.

The world has evolved. Today’s leaders, poets, warriors, philosophers, scholars, and inventors still need a place to stay. A place to take a break from the change; to find inspiration; to ask questions; to solve a growing list of global challenges.

To aid them along, lodging must remain awake.

Lodging never sleeps. Lodging will endure. Long Live Lodging.

Long Live Lodging is a multimedia platform that delivers meaningful content by breaking away from the everyday stream of self-promoting news and finding the stories of people doing business amidst real life.

We leverage modern media while adhering to strict editorial standards to cover a wide range of trends and issues that impact those doing business in the hospitality industry and beyond.

Each week, we invite listeners on a journey with Lodging Leaders, a weekly podcast that covers a topic in a storytelling format with narration by Jonathan Albano and Judy Maxwell.

Our weekly feature combines rich audio, video, and photography with insights gleaned through interviews with industry experts and news makers.

Humans of Lodging consists of short features about top and bottom line roles of everyday people with extraordinary vision, struggle, passion, among other superpowers.


A combined 50+ years in storytelling and design.

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Principal + Editorial

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Principal + Producer

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