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The breadth of our podcast content is unmatched in the lodging industry.

Lodging Leaders is an award-winning news podcast that examines trends and issues impacting the hospitality industry.

Lodging Luminaries is a one-to-one conversation with innovators moving the industry forward.

NextGen in Lodging discusses social and business trends impacting mid-career hospitality professionals.

Top Floor is a weekly podcast with tangible tips and excellent stories from the experts and characters who elevate hospitality.

Our Shows

Strategically integrate and align your product mission and brand message with our exclusive, custom-developed and produced audio commercials.

Advertising opportunities include audio segments within podcast episodes, video commercials and section banners on our website, email and social media.


What We Offer

Audio Pre-Roll

30-second segment about your product or service that appears at the beginning of the episode.

Social Tables Variation 1

Social Tables Variation 2

Vertical Booking USA

Audio Mid-Roll

Two- to three-minute storytelling segment about your product or service that appears in the middle of the program. We recommend a multi-segment series spread over several episodes.

Hunter Hotel Investment Conference – Part 1

Hunter Hotel Investment Conference – Part 2

Hunter Hotel Investment Conference – Part 3

Audio Post-Roll

30-second segment about your product or service that appears at the end of the episode.




Website Video Pre-Roll and Post-Roll
15- to 30-second video segment that appears before or after an episode video plays on our website. Videos can include click-thru URLs.


Website Tiles

Advertisement tile that displays alongside podcast episode tiles with static or animated image, custom message and click-thru URL.

Website Banner

Banner advertisement banner that displays in the website header with static or animated image and click-thru URL.

Social Media

Sponsored social media post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Email Campaigns

Advertisers can sponsor sections in our regular email campaigns or work with our editorial team to craft a dedicated email campaign sent to more than 20,000 subscribers.

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