Mixed Message: Multicultural and heritage tourism is big business

  • The BulletInn: ALIS 2020 news updates

    News continued to unfold during and right after the 2020 Americas Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles. STR downgraded the industry’s expected business performance while many wondered about the size of the impact of the evolving coronavirus. Meantime, women took the spotlight in several circumstances, including a report that shows advancement in some areas of leadership but not enough to celebrate. In our inaugural BulletInn, Long Live Lodging opens its reporter’s notebook to share what we learned during the summit.

  • Big Start to Industry Conference Year More than 3,000 show for ALIS 2020 as industry sees business begin to slow on several fronts {caption}Jeff Higley on Jan. 27 opens the 2020 Americas Lodging Investment Summit. It was a first for Higley, a veteran of the lodging industry trade media who last year became president of read more

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