Podcast FAQs

How are the interviews recorded?
  • Recordings, in most cases, will be done via Skype because it has the ability to produce good quality sound – especially for your side of the conversation. If you do not already have a Skype account, please visit www.Skype.com and sign up for an account. It’s FREE.
  • Once you have a Skype ID, we need to add your ID to our Skype Contacts list before a call can take place. Click here to send an invitation to connect(You can also send a request to connect from Skype by clicking on the Contacts drop down menu –> Add Contacts –> Search Skype Directory, and entering “jonathanalbano” in the search field).
  • You can connect via Skype on a computer, smart phone or a tablet using the free Skype application. We have found the best sound is either:
    • when the guest uses the free Skype app on their smart phone, with wifi enabled, and with the phone held to their ear or using a headset (no speakerphone), or
    • when the guest uses the free Skype app on a computer and use a wired USB headset that has headphones and a microphone (no speakerphone option – that causes echo and sounds thin). See recommendations below for microphone and headset options that will get the best quality sound using Skype on a computer.
  • If you are unable to use Skype, please let us know in advance of the recording for possible alternatives.
  • Because these are pre-recorded and not live, we can (and DO) always carefully edit to remove long pauses, ums, ahs, stutters, lip noise, coughs, etc. We do try to minimize the editing to make the conversation sound natural, but the end goal is always to make our guests sound their absolute best.
What we need from you before the call
  • A short bio or introduction, approximately 50-100 words.
  • You’re Skype ID or best number to call. Click here to send an invitation to connect on Skype
  • A high quality photo that is suitable for publication. Episode artwork is 1000 x 1000 pixels, so we prefer larger files so we can crop and/or resize to make you look your best. (not sure of the size … you can usually hover over an image saved to your computer and it will tell you the dimensions)
  • If there is something specific you’d like to discuss (e.g. your new book, project, etc.) let us know.
  • Please notify us as soon as possible if your are unable to keep your appointed interview.
  • Guest are sometimes quite nervous, may not feel comfortable with Skype or have other technical issues. Let us know ASAP. We will schedule a short “pre-call” to make sure everything is working correctly and get all your questions answered.
  • We want this to be fun for you and us, and be informative and entertaining for our guest.
Other recording tips:
  • Please be in a quiet, distraction free room.
  • Turn off phones and other mobile devices.
  • Silence any notifications on your computer – we recommend closing all programs such as email, Facebook, etc. that might make a sound when a new message comes in.
  • A microphone will be the best sound quality for your side of the conversation if using a computer. Here are a couple (affiliate) links to mics I would recommend:
  • Headphones are recommended instead of speakers to avoid feedback and echos. Even headphones for your mobile device will do and make a big difference.
  • If you are not sure about your quality, please let us know and we can do a test run prior to recording.
  • Have water ready.
  • Relax and have fun.
  • Some individuals find it helpful to have a few bulleted points they want to cover.
Where will my interview play?
Will I receive a copy of the interview?
  • Yes, you will be able to download it from you interview pages on this site. You can do anything you want with the interview. If you publish it anywhere, all we ask that you link back to your show on lodgingleaders.com. If you are unsure, please send an email to jon@lodgingleaders.com and we will assist you.
Will the interviews be used in any other way?
  • We reserve the right to package these interviews on portable devices (disks, flash drives, MP3 players, to name a few) to be given away at conferences or with other course or product materials.
  • Recordings may be posted on various public sites for access such as podcasting sites, internet radio or other websites as well as behind private hotelier access-only sites.
  • Recordings that are made as video interviews may be used either as video, audio or both.

By participating in the Lodging Leaders interview, you agree to allow LodgingLeaders.com and Jonathan Albano to record, distribute and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow LodgingLeaders.com and Jonathan Albano to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books and in all other public distribution.

When your show is live
  • Please share the show with your tribe through emails, social media, state and local associations and more.
  • Please visit iTunes and other syndication sites to leave a review and rating, and encourage others to do the same.
More questions?

Contact jon@lodgingleaders.com

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