The BulletInn: ALIS 2020 news updates

  • Big Start to Industry Conference Year More than 3,000 show for ALIS 2020 as industry sees business begin to slow on several fronts {caption}Jeff Higley on Jan. 27 opens the 2020 Americas Lodging Investment Summit. It was a first for Higley, a veteran of the lodging industry trade media who last year became president of read more

  • 249 | The BulletInn: ALIS 2020 news updates

    At the beginning of the Americas Lodging Investment Summit on Jan. 27th, a panel of women in hospitality leadership advised the audience that, in some cases, it is smart to move down a career rung to be able to make a much bigger climb up in the future. Forward, Women Advancing Hospitality, is a project read more

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